Arts Organizations at the CNE

The Art Gallery of Ontario,the Toronto Association for the Performing Arts and the Royal Ontario Museum are among the participants presenting a series of workshops, lectures, demonstrations and displays in the Arts, Crafts & Hobbies pavilion including an interactive area for children presented by Cre8iv80studio and Loomis Art Stores.

Barbie and Me
A Presentation by Tai-Shan Doll Museum in Taiwan.

An enchanting exhibit of approximately 350 Barbie dolls makes its CNE debut this year, complete with uniquely handcrafted Barbie dresses from the Taishan Barbie Museum in Taiwan. It is on display daily in the CNE’s Arts Crafts & Hobbies Pavilion.

Every girl has a special relationship with her Barbie doll, but for the residents of the Taiwanese Town of Taishan, the Barbie doll is an embedded part of their tradition and history. The town’s love affair with the blond, blue-eyed doll began in 1963, when Mattel began manufacturing its dolls (first introduced in 1959) through the Mei-Ning Factory in Taishan, which was soon manufacturing half of the world’s Barbies. This doll was more than just a toy to the town; it led Taishan from agriculture to industry. Barbie was a big part of the townspeople’s work, but she became part of their leisure activities as well. The people of Taishan took to creating doll clothes and accessories as a collective hobby, meticulously crafting beautiful, tiny dresses in their spare time. The factory was closed in 1987, and the town is now home of Taiwan’s First Barbie Museum. This exhibit tells its story.

Butter Sculptures

Butter Sculpting returns to the CNE. Ontario art students will create works of art out of butter. Two artists will each go to work on 50 pounds of butter every day from noon to 8:00 pm in the Farm, Food & Fun. There will be two new sculptures daily!

: Farm, Food & Fun

Canadian Forces Come to Town

Fresh from operations around the world, the Canadian Forces are bringing the "Support Our Troops" campaign and a challenge to Canadians. Goal: To get 100,000 signatures on their "Yellow Ribbon" banners , that will be sent to the troops overseas. The military display is more than a football field of free and interactive fun! There's something for everyone; with boats to tanks to aircraft. The display features performances by the Navy Demonstration Team, the Army Gun Race Team and nightly concerts by the composite military band to honour those presently overseas. Come meet the men and women that make Canada proud, here at home and abroad.

Circa 1955/2005
Presented by the Design Exchange

In the decade between 1945-1955, new technologies and materials proliferated as did new ideas and styles. Canadian designers provided the domestic market with products that were stylistically striking that proclaimed Canada's emergence from wartime sacrifice.

Fifty years later, contemporary Canadian designers continue to design objects that serve the needs of Canadians while reflecting the unique nature of life in Canada. Through the 1960s when Trudeau enacted his vision of an open multicultural society, to the present day, designers actively engage in a conversation about how design can actively address human needs.

This fascinating exhibit of homefurnishings, presented by the Design Exchange, is on display throughout the CNE in the At Home Pavilion in the Direct Energy Centre's Hall A

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Ontario Military Vehicle Association
Saturday, August 19

The Ontario Military Vehicle Association was founded in 1986 to keep alive the spirit of Canadian military vehicles and their place in history. Members from all walks of life collect vehicles from around the world and strive to preserve the vehicles which have played a vital role in various militaries throughout the 20th century. In celebration of the 85th annual Warriors’ Day, members of the Association will display their vehicles at the CNE for one day only.

From Fine Art to Kitsch
A Celebration of CNE Art Since 1879 presented by AM740

The CNE has always been a place where high art and popular art meet to produce a unique blend of colour and an experience unmatched elsewhere. From Fine Art to Kitsch will explore the history of art at the CNE by looking at the various galleries and art installations that have been featured at the EX over the years. The exhibit will also focus on the architectural history of the grounds, commercial art used in promoting the CNE and even delve into the prime source of popular art or ’Kitsch’ at the fair, the Midway! A version of this interesting and entertaining exhibit was originally shown at Tornoto’s Market Gallery in 2002-2003.

Green Zone
presented by AM740

‘Oh, I think I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree’. The 19th Century poet’s words come alive in a contemporary setting with a visit to the CNE’s Green Zone, located just west of The Princess Margaret Fountain. This special area features a fascinating array of exhibits that are focused on protecting our environment and educating the public about sustainable energy and environmentally-friendly ways of living. Further details to come.

One Brick at a Time
Architecture at the EX, Past, Present and Imagined

Located in the Remember When Pavilion throughout the CNE, One Brick at a Time will feature photos and artifacts from the CNE Archives taking you on a historical tour of the buildings and structures of Exhibition Place featuring structures that are long gone and those that might have been including the Manufacturers Building, the original Dufferin Gate, the Art Galleries and the Crystal Palace.

: Remember When Pavillion

Sowing the Seeds of Heritage

Representatives of the York/Durham Association of Museums and Archives have created an exhibit showcasing life in a rural town at the turn of the century. Located in the Farm, Food & Fun, the exhibit features interactive vignettes displaying life on the farm, at school, in the church, at the homestead, in the general store and other facets of life in a small rural community. There will be a variety of demonstrations including First Nation crafts, Printing Press and Textile Crafts, Textile Arts, Victorian Herbs, School Days, Victorian Paper Crafts, Pioneer Crafts, Tasty Pioneer Treats and Seed Pictures.

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Rogers Chinese Lantern Festival