Canadian International Artist Forum has been designed with the objective to promote involvement of institutions serving the Canadian artists and craftsmen. We aim to further celebrate the diversity of Canadian culture and to recognize the various cultural backgrounds of Canadian artists. This program shall provide the unique opportunity to the participating artists, craftsmen and hobby enthusiasts to not only exhibit their work but also conduct interactive “Artists At Work” sessions where they can freely promote and market their practice, educate visitors on the technical elements and sell their finished products without any commissions or charges. All this with a backdrop of an institution’s banner, catering for the artist’s materials and supplies in Canada shall be an effective visual experience for the visitors.

In 2004 Cre8iv80studio presented the Canadian International Artists Forum project to the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto. The project proposed to establish a platform for artists and crafts persons to demonstrate their practices in live interactive public sessions.This was another step to"Put arts and crafts back into arts and crafts building at the Ex".

In August - September 2004 at the 125th Canadian Natinal Exhibition, Cre8iv80studio showcased 16 artists at the Ex. In 2005 CIAF returned to the Ex with more artists and art organizations including Visual and performance arts as well as cultural and ethnic art representations.


Canadian International
Artsist Forum
has presented

Diversity Folk Art
Mary-Anne Longlade Sch of Dance
Emerald Knights
Ontario Regd Music Teachers Assn
Potters Guild
Viva Mexico
Luc Bihan
Gina Peers
Patience Morrissey
Liz Elliott
Shahrezade Alam
Nabahat Lotia
Stephen Mathis
Brenda McIntyre
Joe Treung
Norm Tandall
Reiner Wenzl