Children's Arts & Crafts Workshops are designed to develop interest among children in arts and craft activities. These activities are designed to help develop the motor skills and ability to invent and improvise simple ideas as art work. The activities encourage the use of recycled materials and reusable substances. These simple workshops are able to engage children in a practical and creative activity and are customized for small to large number of children. These are most suitable as a stand alone event for corporate community involvement or as a supporting activity within a larger public event.

Divided in Arts and Crafts sections, these workshops are open to kids of all ages and trained helpers are available to assist and guide the younger children. The workshops have varying seating capacities but generally accomodate 20 children at a time.

ARTS SECTION: Kids are provided with arts paper, non-toxic water based colors, pencils, markers and crayons to create their masterpieces. Our artists draw animals, scenes and characters for younger children to color. The most demanded characters and animals include butterflies and princesses for girls and Spiderman, dogs and dragons / monsters for boys. Kids are offered to either leave their paintings with us to dry and pick them up after an hour or to display the artwork at our Wall of Fame. Some kids and parents prefer leaving their artworks for others to enjoy whereas others take them home.

CRAFTS SECTION: These workshops are specially designed to develop childrens motor skills. Using construction paper, scissors, glue, googley eyes, feathers, pipe cleaners and Popsicle stick, kids are taught to make various shapes, characters and animals. Fish made of construction papers and having a googley eye and feathers as tail and fins is the most popular pet. Our helpers have invented a fish tank on the wall that is loved by everybody and by the last day of the workshops more than 150 fishes in the tank made by little children is a sight to behold. Many kids prefer to take their fish home with them glued to a Popsicle stick or attached to a pipe cleaner wrapped around their finger.

These arts and crafts workshops are designed as an educational experience and although the primary focus is on kids from 2-12 years of age but they attract a lot of teenagers as well. The most interesting participants are the parents who try their own artistic skills while they wait for their children to complete their masterpieces. Parents also take a lot of pride in carrying their children's artwork with them.

More than 20,000 children have attended our arts and crafts workshops. Our youngest artist was 14 months old and the oldest was 42 years of age. Over 7000 sheets of paper, 2500 sheets of construction paper, 20 packs of feathers, 30 boxes of googley eyes, one liter of glue, three boxes of child safe scissors and more than eight liters of paint were used during these workshops during the CNE 2006. More than one hundred fishes and over five hundred original artworks and paintings created by kids were saved and now form part of our archives.